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The Best of Lex

Our core belief here at Hager Hams is quite simple: Taste Matters!

This is why we exist, to ensure that you have flavorful and scrumptious lunches, dinners, and holidays here in Lexington, KY.

You, your co-workers and your family deserve great tasting food. For corporate lunch delivery your employees won’t soon forget, call upon our team! We also have box lunches and party platters for the next holiday meeting.

If it’s your turn to bring sweets to the family party, don’t fret! We have the best selection of home-style desserts and fresh baked cookies. Whatever your needs are, we are sure to provide you with delectable treats that will make you the mealtime hero!

The Best of Lex

Darlene Bryant
Darlene Bryant

I just want to give a shout out to Hager Hams and to owner Louis Hager. This company is second to none. Their food is fresh, premium, and high quality. Mr. Hager goes above and beyond to help his customers. How refreshing it is to know there is an owner that takes pride not only in his company but is on display in his interactions with the customer. Quality, value and putting the customer first makes us lifelong consumers of Hager Hams. Thank you, Louis, for your thoughtfulness and kindness over the years. Lexington, Kentucky is fortunate to have you and your business.